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Our Mission

We provide the highest quality camera/object tracking and onset supervision for your episodic, commercial, TV, and movie needs. Using cutting edge technologies and techniques, HydraFX's is unrivaled in speed and quality regardless of your production needs, large or small.​

Led by Lee Mar, Hydra FX has over 50+ credits for visual effects handling many big name projects like The Mandalorian, Top Gun, Black Widow, F9: The Fast Saga, WandaVision, and many more. His work can be found on his IMDB page HERE.

Our lead


VFX, Onset Supervision, Photogrammetry & Tracking

Lee Mar is a multi-disciplinary VFX artist with 15 years experience working in Hollywood. Lee has worked on several prominent TV shows and ad campaigns like the 2012 Olympics and Call Of Duty 4 Modern Warfare; to working on over 40+ blockbuster films including the 1# all time grossing film Marvel's Avenger's End Game. Lee has worked for some of the best commercial houses in Los Angeles including The Mill, MPC, and Eight VFX. Episodic VFX experience at CoSA VFX to moving into feature film consultation work starting with Avenger's Age of Ultron as a camera and tracking specialist at LolaVFX. There he added to his title of Tracking/Matchmove Supervisor with Photogrammetry Supervisor after RnDing a 120+ camera full body capture rig to bring all aspects of the work inhouse for Lola. The capture rig itself was used for Stan Lee's final digital scan. The capture rig has been used to capture Samuel L Jackson for Captain Marvel, Mark Wahlberg, Ben Affleck, Ryan Reynolds and many more. After bringing the digital double scanning in house, Lee was onset scanning whole movie sets with a Faro S350 LIDAR scanner. Lee is often found reading technical docs in scientific fields and asking for more features from software developers.


  • Gnomon — School of Visual Effects, Games & Animation

  • The Digital Animation & Visual Effects School


Solving Multiple Shot Types in PFTrack for PluralSight

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